Single LCD Monitor Arm

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Our universal single LCD monitor arm was designed to increase ergonomic comfort and give users the possibility of further adjusting the height of their monitors, while also offering enhanced tilt and swivel options. The single LCD monitor mount can easily be attached to any of our standing desks or to our power desktop converter’s surface grommet holes and supports any type of flat monitor up to 24” wide.

An ideal accessory for uplift standing desk or power desktop converter users who prefer to set the height and tilt of their monitor to their liking, this single LCD monitor arm is easy to install and fits any of our sit-to stand products’ surface grommet holes. Fitted with a universal 100mm and 75mm VESA bracket, this mount can support any type of LCD monitors up to 24” wide. Offering a wide range of height, swivel and tilt adjustment options, the mount allows users to rotate their screens at 360 degrees, for increased mounting flexibility. Made of high-grade steel, the monitor mount is also scratch-resistant and very stable.

Its ergonomic design and functionality can help reduce fatigue by allowing users to position the screen according to their needs. In addition, the single LCD monitor arm helps create a clean, uncluttered desk space, with optimal effects on the user’s mental focus.