Sit to Stand Power Cart

$ 399.00


  • Adjustable top and lower platforms
  • Discreet & quiet lifting mechanism
  • 4 different height positions
  • Sturdy & stable frame
  • Made of 14-gauge steel
  • Scratch-resistant, compact design

The standing computer cart is highly versatile, its mobile and sturdy design making it ideal for multiple uses in areas such as healthcare, education, warehousing and for industrial spaces in general. Fitting in tight spaces and adjustable to any situation, this sit to stand power cart makes it easier than ever to stay healthy by reducing the number of sitting hours throughout your workday. Order yours today and get a sturdy, stable cart made of locally sourced materials at our Los Angeles-based green factory.

Completely motorized, this sit to stand power cart’s height can be easily changed with just the push of the button. With a discreet lifting mechanism concealed inside the central column, the desk has memory for 4 different height positions, allowing users to choose the best setting for their needs. The standing computer cart’s top platform also adjusts from 43” to 56” and the lower one from 36” to 49”.

Its sturdy and compact design makes it perfect for various point of care applications in the healthcare industry, as well as for warehousing or industrial spaces in general. The sit-to-stand power cart can adjust to any situation and fit through tight spaces and ca be easily stored in small closets. Manufactured of 14-gauge steel, the cart’s H frame base offers enhanced flexibility and security, enabling it to keep even heavy equipment safe and accessible. A DuPont powder coat and scratch-proof finish keeps the cart looking like new, preventing wear and tear even if the components are adjusted very often. Designed for enhanced mobility and maneuverability, the sit-to-stand power cart is provided with rubber-coated wheels that allow it to be moved around effortlessly and smoothly, while its locking steel casters ensure that the cart will stay put once locked in its place.

This product is entirely manufactured in our California-based factory and is made with only locally sourced materials.