Corner Power Converter - White

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With our power converter, you can easily transform your current desk into a sit-to-stand workstation at only a fraction of the cost. At Standing Desk ConverterTM, we offer the only electric powered desktop converter on the market, allowing users to easily go from sitting to standing with just the push of a button. The converter ships fully assembled and needs to be placed on top of your existing desk to be ready for use. Order this white, elegant desktop power converter today and receive a top-quality product with a Lifetime Warranty, as well as peace of mind knowing that your purchase is not outsourced, but made at our sustainable manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

The only electric power desktop converter on the market, our product is fully motorized and can easily lift up to 80 pounds of office equipment with just the push of a button. Its powerful motors can lift the top surface and everything on it to a maximum height of 18” in just a few seconds, without putting any strain on the user’s back.

Using a power converter to transform your existing desk into a sit-to-stand desk comes with several health benefits. By standing up more at work, users can improve their circulation, posture and core & back strength, increase their heart rate and burn three times more calories, ultimately leading to a healthier cardiovascular system and to a weight loss of up to 8-10 pounds per year.

Each power converter comes with 3 standard grommet holes, allowing for an additional monitor mount attachment if necessary. Other matching accessories include a LED strip, ideal for illuminating the keyboard trey when working at night or in dimly lit spaces. With this strip, you will never have to guess where the keys are ever again!

With a clean dry-erase white surface and a sleek design, the Power Desktop Converter is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to give up their sedentary lifestyle and start reaping the benefits of standing up more! Also available in black, grey and maple.

Get your power converter today and benefit from guaranteed American quality, as all our products are manufactured responsibly, with care for the environment, in our state-of-the-art Los Angeles facility. Order now and get a no-hassle Lifetime Warranty and an additional 30-day money back guarantee!