“Having had 3 back surgeries in the past, sitting all day can sometimes be a challenge. I loved the idea of a standing desk, but I didn’t want to replace my existing desk. The Standing Desk Converter was a great solution. It sits right on my desk and allows me to use it as a normal sitting desk, and with the push of a button, it becomes a standing desk that accommodates my 6’2” frame. The bonus feature was that the entire desk is a dry erase board, which is super helpful for jotting down notes and brainstorms.”

Brian H., MaCher, Venice, CA

“The Standing Desk Converter is a great desk add on! I needed a standing desk for a long time, and this fit the bill perfectly. Compared to models from other companies I have tried, SDC is way sturdier and comes up higher (good because I am tall). Comes assembled so complete setup took about 2 minutes. And will not break the bank.”