Add productivity and employee benefits by providing a sit-to-stand desktop or standing desk. It has been proven that employees will be sharper and more productive if they are able to work while standing. Not only does it improve productivity but it also improves overall health. 

Giving employees the ability to stand while working helps reduce chronic lower back pain and overall stiffness in the back. 80% of adult working professionals deal with some form of back pain. This is due to having to sit over 7 hours per day. Most working professionals need to be in front of the computer for long periods of time. Giving them the option to work while standing will not only improve employee health but also increase company morale.  

Fatigue is another effect of professionals working in a sedentary environment. This reduces overall productivity. Get the most out of your employees and encourage a healthier lifestyle by providing a standing desk or desktop. A small investment in your staff will no doubt increase your bottom line. provides a corporate discount for standing desks or desktops are purchased in bulk.

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