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Get a Corporate Discount on the Best Standing Desks & Power Converters

Do your employees seem more tired lately? Are you under the impression that although everybody works just as hard, their overall productivity has dropped? Give some of our best standing desks and other sit-to-stand solutions a try to encourage a more active work environment, get rid of fatigue and help your employees stay healthy and productive!

Described as ‘the new smoking,’ sitting down for extended periods of time has been linked to the development of various serious ailments, ranging from chronic back pain to cardiovascular disease and even cancer. A sedentary environment can also cause fatigue, leading to a lack of interest and a drop in productivity. All of these factors can result in significant losses for your business, whether in terms of underperformance and poor results or in terms of workers’ compensation payments and related medical bills.

With our sit-to-stand desktops and desks, you can now give your employees the ability to control the amount of time they spend sitting down or standing while at work, with proven long-term benefits on their overall health and mental focus. Get the most out of your employees and encourage a healthier lifestyle by providing them with the tools they need to be healthy and happy at their workplace. With only a small investment in standing desks or desktops for your staff, you can encourage their productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Standing Desk Converter is committed to helping you and your staff stay efficient and productive. To help you keep your expenses under control, we offer a corporate discount on any bulk order of standing desks or desktop converters.

Get the best standing desks or sit-to-stand equipment for your business by contacting us via email or calling (323) 886-DESK (3375).

Standing Desk Converter customization

Standing Desk Converter offers customization options on all its products when ordered in bulk or as part of a corporate sale.


    At Standing Desk Converter, we are strongly committed to sustainability and doing everything we can to protect the environment. Our manufacturing process uses only the finest, locally sourced materials and 100% recycled American steel.

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    We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. If for some reason you are not happy with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

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