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Sitting Is the New Smoking, But Why?

These days, most of us spend nine or more hours a day sitting down, and it’s fast becoming a ticking time bomb for our health. Lengthy periods of idleness not only increase the risk of obesity, but they also cause...

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How to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight Standing at Work

Obesity is becoming increasingly common across the U.S., with recent studies confirming that one of the main causes, alongside bad eating habits, is our sedentary lifestyles. A Stanford University study indicated that an increasing number of Americans have stopped doing...

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Why Tech Companies are Using Standing Desks

Office spaces are changing. From Google to Facebook to Microsoft, more and more tech companies and businesses concerned about the health and productivity of their workers are doing their best to create friendly working spaces that promote collaboration and innovation....

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Standing Desk Converter is the solution to your work productivity and overall health. We provide a variety of sit to stand products including our desktop converter and our standing desk. Made in America in our manufacturing facilities here in Los...

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