Why Tech Companies are Using Standing Desks

Why Tech Companies are Using Standing Desks
Office spaces are changing. From Google to Facebook to Microsoft, more and more tech companies and businesses concerned about the health and productivity of their workers are doing their best to create friendly working spaces that promote collaboration and innovation. One of the main changes resulting from their efforts is the gradual disappearance of the cubicle and the growing presence of standing desks, amid various studies touting the health and productivity benefits of this type of office equipment.

Tech-coder-using-standing-desk-converterA large number of employees at Facebook and Google have already traded their desktops for standing desks, with other major companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, AOL or Amazon.com also following suit.

As part of their staff wellness program, Google provides employees with standing desks, which means that any staff member can choose to work at such a desk instead of a regular one, if they feel it would be good for their health. The search engine giant offers its workers a wide range of onsite health care services, such as massage services, physical therapy, or fitness classes. These are joined by other amenities designed to assist their employees in becoming more experienced, as well as spending more time with their families.

At Facebook, there are over 250 staff members using standing desks, who say this helps them feel more energized and comfortable throughout the day, according to a Wall Street Journal article on the rise of standing desk. Leading venture capital firm FF Venture Capital, specialized in providing tech companies with seed-funding, has also equipped its meeting rooms with standing desks as a way to encourage collaboration and a more active exchange of ideas between co-workers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of standing at work and why a growing number of tech companies are adopting this working model.

1. Health benefits of standing up

Through the nature of their job, most tech workers spend a lot of time sitting down. Coders or web developers can spend hours on end writing code or working hard to create the perfect website. But this can have damaging effects on their health, as studies show that spending too much time sitting down can cause various health problems such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, high blood pressure and sugar, increased cholesterol levels. In turn, these issues can lead to more severe, and even deadly, ailments such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

heart-cardiovascular-conditioning-with-a-standing-deskOther research has shown that using a standing desk for a few hours every day leads to a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and can ultimately help lower the long-term mortality risk.

The results of these studies contributed greatly to the popularity of the standing desk among tech industry professionals, according to the Wall Street Journal.

2. Increased productivity
Many standing desk users have reported feeling more energized and active throughout the day, which leads to increased mental focus and the capacity to remain concentrated on the task at hand, without disruptions. This has to do with the fact that standing up gives the mind and body a sense of urgency, which in turn translates into being more efficient and productive at work.

Some companies have reported up to 10% more productivity from using standing desks in their office, according to a ReadWrite report.

3. More creativity and better teamwork
FF Ventures reported that a standing-only work environment was found to be more beneficial for creativity and cooperation at work. Standing during meetings in particular encourages a more active participation and exchange of ideas, they said.

The claim was backed by a Washington University in St. Louis study that clearly showed that standing can boost creativity and teamwork. The research indicated that standing up during a meeting helped participants share ideas more easily and lowered territoriality, leading to stronger cooperation.

In conclusion, a growing number of tech companies are using standing desks in their effort to maintain a healthier, more active and productive environment for both employees and employers, with minimum expenses. Get in touch with StandingDeskConverter.com today and take the first step towards creating a new, improved office space for you and your staff.
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