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What Is A Standing Desk Converter And Why Do You Need One?

The standing desk converter is also prominently known as either desktop risers or toppers by many. They are adjustable units that you can position at the top of your already existing desk.

It is vital to note that they are quite affordable and the simplest option you can think of when you are searching for how to keep that existing desk of yours.

Additionally, discovering the ideal standing desk converter to purchase comes down to:

  • Your actual height
  • The computing equipment you utilize
  • Budget, and;
  • Space constraints

There are so many amazing options you will find in the market, and they improve greatly on the previous designs, plus they are now much more affordable than before.

So, What Are Standing Desk Converters?

In simpler terms, these standing desk converters are devices that easily rest at the top of your desk, and it lifts your workstation both up and down so that you can choose on your own to sit or stand while you work.

Additionally, they are quite small and more affordable than the full standing desks. They are mostly ideal when:

  • You are not prepared to invest in the full standing desk, or;
  • You cannot replace your already existing standing desk.

Although, if you have made up your mind that the standing desk converter is ideal for you, there are so many alternatives you can purchase. However, it is vital that you carry out your research before you make your big purchase.

Else, you will end up with the sort of model that does not meet up to your desired expectation. Note that most information about these standing desk converters is coded in technical words, which creates a maze that you will have to fight through.

As you begin your research, it is vital you know technical terms like:

  • Dual ergonomics
  • Z-lifts
  • Dropped keyboard trays, and even;
  • VESA mounts

When you understand these terms, you can discover the ideal standing desk converter for your body type, office area, and not to forget, work style.

Why Do You Need A Converter?

There are so many reasons why you should buy one aside from the fact that there are health benefits as regards standing. Some of the major advantages of getting a standing desk converter include:

  • Price

If the budget is your major concern, well, the standing desk converter is easily one of the most cost-efficient ways to begin standing while you work.

Asides from it being very affordable when compared to the full standing desk, you will spend no additional cost in disposing of, removing, or even donating your available desk.

As a result of their compact size, they can be shipped with every other normal parcel carrier down to your doorstep.

  • A lack of assembly

So many of us do not enjoy arranging furniture. If you fall into this category of people who do not want to spend precious time in either building their desks, the desk converter will fit you perfectly.

The majority of these desks are good to go right from the box, and the only task you may have to do is to clip on the keyboard tray.

  • You can keep your already available desk

One major reason for purchasing the standing desk converter is so you can keep your current desk. If you own a desk that you cannot imagine disposing of or a desk that has enough storage compartments, it will not be realistic to dispose of them.

The standing desk converter is actually an ideal complement to any available desk.

  • Portability

The majority of us do not move the location of our offices quite often. However, with a standing desk converter, you can change locations as many times as you want. You can choose to work at the dining table or make use of the kitchen counter.

On a general note, there are so many advantages as to why you need to get a standing desk converter instead of the full standing desk unit.

Nonetheless, nothing good comes without a disadvantage to it. The disadvantage of a standing desk converter includes:

  • The desktop space as you stand

The standing desk converter can actually let you be disconnected from the items on your desk that you mostly use because of its raised position. Although some converters offer their very own desktop that can be raised with you, space is not quite much.

However, some manufacturers currently provide oversized models that have a much bigger desktop surface area, unlike the previous converters.

  • Appearance

Some of the shoppers make the decision not to purchase any standing desk converter just because of their outlook. The fact is that the standing desk converters are mechanical devices that lean towards practicality and not necessarily aesthetics.

Although this greatly differs from the unit. Lately, some sleek designs are in the market, and they offer colors that go further than the traditional black, gray, and white.

  • A limit of the value for money

The standing desk converter can be a great cost-effective option for the full standing desk. However, there is actually a limit to the point where it makes real sense. The full standing desks are becoming quite affordable plus you can get an electric standing desk

  • Heavy items operation

Those who usually have diverse heavy monitors or a setup that is desktop-based, the manually operated standing desk converter may actually not be the ideal solution. This is because they are most times coil spring or gas strut operated.

Plus, their weight has a straight-up effect on how the desk can be operated and how it can easily raise or go low.

Why Electric Standing Desk Converters Are The Best

With all of the disadvantages of making use of a manual standing desk converter, it is advisable to go for the electric standing desk converter.

This is because the electric standing desk converter is a full-on desk that allows you to move easily from a sitting position to a standing height. Although there are many alternatives available, the ideal option is the electric standing desk.

It is simply operated with just the push of a button, unlike the manually operated standing desk converter. Instead of purchasing the full standing desk, you can easily purchase this electric standing desk.

So many users opt for the electric desk because it allows them to easily adjust the height of their desk to the ideal custom settings by pushing a button. Also, it enables users to set up already pre-programmed height preference for their individual needs.

To Wrap It Up

These standing desks give users an option of standing without having to get rid of or move their already available desk. Furthermore, they commonly feature a desktop surface plus a separate keyboard tray.

All you need to know about these intriguing converters is that you can purchase them in diverse sizes, budgets, and of course, designs.

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