Standing Desk and Weight Loss

Standing Desk Benefits for Improving a Tired Workforce

One of the biggest challenges any employer faces is keeping their workforce motivated, healthy and productive. Sadly, today’s employees often have a lot more on their plates, both at work and at home, and end up feeling increasingly tired and consequently, under performing on their daily tasks.


Studies have showed that more than 75% of U.S. workers feel tired during work days, while almost 15% actually fall asleep at the office. As a business owner, don’t make the mistake of ignoring this problem, as it can lead not only to a drop in productivity but also to office tension and even conflict.


Here are a few simple ways to deal with a tired workforce, from more flexibility in schedule to providing your staff with the right office equipment, such as height-adjustable desktops or other similar items. There are many proven standing desk benefits, including enhanced mental focus and overall better health for the users.


1. Provide a more flexible working schedule

Employees who work in shifts may be tired because their schedule disrupts their sleeping patterns. On the other hand, workers who are on a rigid 9 to 5 schedule may become caught up in their routine, with the same effect: fatigue and lack of focus and interest.


As much as your business model or regulations allow it, give your employees more leeway in setting their own schedule. This will help them feel more rested and motivated, which will cultivate a more relaxed work environment.


2. Diversify their tasks  

Your employees may start feeling mentally exhausted not because the work is too difficult, but because it is not challenging enough. Do your best to know each of your employee and understand what they are capable of so as to assign them proper tasks to keep them occupied. Whether you’re assigning them a more difficult task or an entirely new one, what matters is to offer your workers a challenge and thus help break their routine.


3. Support teamwork

A tired employee is more likely to miss project details or deadlines when working individually. By encouraging a team approach for important assignments, you can get better results that leave little room for error. Your employees will also appreciate the fact that by being paired up with other co-workers they will be able to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

 standing desk collaboration

Teamwork can also help forge closer working relationships by allowing employees to share resources and knowledge and brainstorm new ideas that can benefit your business.


4. Find ways to prevent a sedentary working environment

Many office employees faced with a sedentary lifestyle feel fatigued and risk developing serious health problems because of sitting down too long. An effective way of combating this problem is to provide them with a standing desk or desktop converter.


A sit-to stand desktop or desk allows the user to stand up whenever they feel like it, without having to interrupt their work. This, in turn, has multiple benefits for your workforce, starting from increased mental focus to less fatigue caused by a sedentary environment.


Other notable standing desk benefits include a better overall health by encouraging a more active lifestyle, while at the office. Research has indicated that standing up frequently can lower the risk of developing a series of severe health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.


A tired workforce is a risk for themselves and can put your company in danger if you do not take the necessary steps to address it. By providing your employees with a standing desk or desktop you can help them stay active, focused and healthy, ultimately increasing their productivity. Get in touch with to bring your workers the equipment they need to excel at their job. A small investment in height-adjustable office furniture can make all the difference for your business success.


Standing Desk Converter


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