Standing Desk and Weight Loss

Standing Desk and Weight Loss

With office work being at the top of the list of occupations today, sitting on a desk for long hours has become part of the daily routine for many. Not only are our jobs to be held accountable for spending the day sitting down, shopping online has also become an ongoing trend which is most often done while seated. People have gotten so used to sitting down that they would prefer grabbing a coffee or a meal through a drive-through rather than park and go down to a restaurant or café. It doesn’t take much brain power to conclude that standing up burns more calories than sitting down. That can easily explain why obesity has substantially increased over the past couple of decades.

As its name implies, the standing desk is built so that you can achieve all of the work you would usually complete sitting down, standing up. Having done all of your work sitting down over the years, the idea of suddenly converting to a standing desk may seem peculiar to say the least, and quite uncomfortable to be more frank. However, with our standing desk converter, you are not obliged to completely give up your sitting privileges altogether right from the start. You are free to alternate between sitting and standing until you feel more confident about standing up for longer periods.

On average, a 150 lb individual can burn about 900 calories sitting down during an 8 hour shift at work. However, the number increases to a whopping 1200 by just standing up instead. Although it is merely 300 calories in difference, multiplying that number by 5 days a week and you get 1500 extra burned calories! More calories burned will result in more fat lost, and over time the difference will add up dramatically and surely reflect on the scale. That is precisely why we are confident that our standing desk converter and weight loss are very closely related.

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. A doughnut here and 2 pieces of candy there won’t increase your clothing size over a month. On the other hand, something that is done for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, will definitely have an impact on what you will look like in the mirror several months from now.

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