Standing Desk and Weight Loss

Is The Standing Desk Converter Productive?

A majority of the time spent at work is spent sitting in one position for a long period. Estimates carried out have shown that, between home, work, and commuting, humans spend about nine hours sitting down daily.

Plus, a good night's sleep, estimates have revealed that we spend roughly seventy percent of the day motionless. Lots of evidence has shown that lack of motion actively adds to a lack of energy, creativity, and of course, focus.

We should bear in mind that, sitting down to work actually limits our productivity. The fact remains that, it is not in line with how our bodies and minds are created to work.

Standing Desks Converter And The Issue Of Productivity

A study has revealed quite an intriguing insight into the human brain and efficiency. The research discovered that regularly working out does not boost happiness or productivity at work.

This research is quite amazing, and it goes totally against the general knowledge we have. Those interested in boosting their productivity will have to keep their body activities up during working hours.

Sitting in a position for hours has been referred to as a mental quicksand. The truth is that, our body loves moving. This aids in getting the energy flowing and our blood pumping.

Taking a walk alone can automatically boost our focus and even efficiency as well as finishing up tasks for the day. Also, standing boosts productivity and our efficiency by a percentage of ten. Now we ask, why exactly do you force your staff to sit at work?

Benefits Of Working And Standing Simultaneously

Some of the benefits associated with working and standing at work with the aid of height adjustable standing desk converters include:

  • A staff gets better with standing

Weird right? However, you can effectively power through your work swiftly with standing and working with the standing desk converter. While standing does not give a sense of urgency alone, it reduced all of the temptations to be distracted.

These distractions can come through social media or any other trivial thing that wastes time. Because standing is linked with action and sitting is linked to downtime or relaxing, standing aids in focusing on the real tasks.

  • The staff will have more energy

Now you will know why the Energizer bunny never gets to sit down for a minute. If you need more energy from your staff, then they should stand up.

More energy simply means that these tasks will totally complete themselves because everyone is in the zone — what better way to do this than to provide the staff with standing desk converters.

They do not have to bend over their desks to work anymore.

  • Healthier employees

It cannot be overemphasized that sitting for a long period is bad for our health. When we sit for about eight to eleven hours a day, it can increase our risks of premature death by fifteen percent.

Also, it increases the chances of both colon and breast cancer as well as diabetes by a percentage of twenty-five. In addition to this, sitting for just an hour, LPL and our fat burning enzyme can reduce up to ninety percent. This cannot be good.

Moreover, standing aids in increasing the human heart rate, and it adds up to roughly thirty thousand calories, which burns over the entire year. Now you can see why these height adjustable standing desk converters are necessary for your staff.

  • Morale in the office will increase

At Reddit, it has been revealed that their staff usually walk all over the office and interact with their coworkers from time to time. What this does is to build a real sense of teamwork, morale and inspire collaboration in the office. It is beneficial to the office

With the standing desk converter plus moving around, no one gets to feel tied to a particular desk. The staff gets to mingle, and the company develops an interactive culture that is also healthy.

All in all, no one truly wants to stand around all day. This is because, after a long while, you will likely need a break and sitting down will seem awesome once again. A mistake commonly made is that people tend to buy these stationary Standing Desks.

And, after some days of standing for some hours, they are willing to throw it all away. While standing is fantastic and a healthy way to work, you do not need to abuse your body by standing for long without pause.

Moreover, your legs and feet need to rest for almost every hour or more. You can alternate between standing and sitting all through working hours. The standing desk converter will enable you to transition from standing to sitting simply.

There is also the added benefit of choosing the ideal desk height, no matter the position you want. This is where the height adjustable standing desk converter comes in.

Furthermore, great companies are developed by happy staff who enjoy what they actually do and of course, where they get to do it. There are so many things to be done to enhance company culture.

However, helping your team gain more energy throughout the day is an interesting place to begin. You should stop ignoring all of the wasted time plus sluggish staff; quickly get your staff on their feet

With this, you can enjoy all of the efficiency benefits of a happier and healthier workforce.

Final Thoughts

Always have it in mind that the standing desk converter can turn out to be one of the best investments you get to make for your business.

It will not only offer you with so many health benefits, but it can also assist in improving the performance of your business and staff. Additionally, these height adjustable standing desk converters can be a stylish part of the office interior décor.

It will aid in enhancing the brand of the office and not detract from the company.

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