Standing Desk and Weight Loss

How Using a Standing Desk Can Help Your Business Avoid Workers’ Compensation

Any business owner, whether running a construction company or a data-entry firm, is faced with the possibility of having to pay workers’ compensation at some point, as a result of their employees being injured or becoming ill on the job.

You may think that office work is not that dangerous and therefore the risk of being sued or asked for compensation by a sick employee is considerably smaller, but you might be surprised to find out that a desk job can actually lead to severe health problems, ranging from back pain to slow metabolism and heart disease. In many cases, using a standing desk or other kind of height-adjustable desktops is all that’s needed to improve the overall health of your staff and help you avoid costly workers’ compensation payments.

Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Several recent studies have linked sitting down for long periods of time with an increased risk of developing lower back pain, cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer.

Lower back pain is actually one of the most common causes for workers’ compensation claims in the United States, accounting for roughly one fifth of all filed claims over a year. The costs of back pain compensation claims are estimated at more than $9 billion per year


Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle puts people at increased risk of cancer, other studies have shown. People who spend 6 to 8 hours a day at their desk often develop breast or colon cancer, research showing that nearly 100,000 cases could be avoided if people spent more time exercising. The bad news? It seems those 45 minutes many of us spend jogging in the morning or exercising at the gym after work are not enough. 

Chances are you and your staff spend more than six hours a day sitting in your office chairs. That might not seem much, but research has indicated that this type of sedentary behavior increases the risk of developing a lethal heart condition by more than 64%.

How Using a Standing Desk Can Help

The solution to this sedentary lifestyle, experts say, is learning to work some kind of movement into your day, such as remembering to stand up more often or walk around the office, whether it’s to get a cup of coffee or talk to a colleague. Even standing up every 30 minutes will stimulate the body in fighting the forces of gravity, and help reduce the risk of developing chronic back pain or other severe ailments.

Using a standing desk or a sit-to-stand desktop converters can significantly improve your employees’ health, enhancing their overall focus and boosting their morale, by allowing them to alternate between sitting down and standing up during work as often as they like, without interrupting their workflow. This will keep your staff healthier and more productive, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

For more practical purposes, consider purchasing a motorized standing desk or converter, which allows the user to adjust the height of their desktop very easily, by the simple push of a button. The motorized version can also carry significantly more weight than traditional, manually-operated converters, allowing the user to equip their desk with two monitors, a printer, and other kinds of office equipment.

If you’re concerned with the health and productivity of your employees and also want to avoid being sued for workers’ compensation and other damages for not ensuring a proper working environment, investing in standing desks for your entire office would be a wise business decision. Contact today to see which of their products will best fit your needs and help your staff stay healthy, focused and productive.

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