Welcome to StandingDeskConverter.com!

Welcome to StandingDeskConverter.com!


Standing Desk Converter is the solution to your work productivity and overall health. We provide a variety of sit to stand products including our desktop converter and our standing desk. Made in America in our manufacturing facilities here in Los Angeles, California. Partnered with VersaProducts, our facilities sit on over 95,000 square feet and has machinery valued at over $10 million. Our investment in these facilities are a testament to our commitment of high quality production. 90% of our facilities use natural light to reduce energy consumption. We conduct green manufacturing processes and use environmentally friendly materials such as recycled steel and wood purchased from sustainable forests that replant each area they harvest. Our products are held to the latest BIFMA standards to ensure safety and stability.

Unlike our competitors such as Varidesk, our desks and desktops are motor-powered for easy lift. Our Desktop Converter can lift up to 80 pounds so you’ll never have to worry about adding computer equipment. Not only are our standing desks and desktops powerful but also have amazing design and functionality. Our converters have a whiteboard finish that is smooth and dry-erase friendly so you can add quick notes or set reminders right on the desk. The shape is ergonomically friendly so as to improve posture and overall comfort while working. Our programmable lift allows you to set your desk at the most comfortable level every time; no more guessing. Our incredible design and production is why we stand behind our products.

All of our products have a lifetime warranty and is backed by a 30-day guarantee. Our lifetime warranty means that if there is a manufacturer’s defect or a flaw in the craftsmanship then Standing Desk Converter will repair or replace the product free of charge (terms and conditions apply). The SDC 30-day guarantee means that if in 30 days from purchase, you are not satisfied with your converter then you’ll get a 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that once you get your Standing Desk Converter, you’ll never look back. Better productivity, less back pain and overall health is just a click away.

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