5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity and Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity and Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line

Every business organization operates in a different way, but having a good, serious strategy when it comes to your employee productivity is a must. By catering to the human needs of your workers, you will not only grow your earnings but also manage to create a stronger company culture that will inspire everyone to perform and give their best.

You don’t need to break the bank or create sophisticated human resource programs to make sure your employees are happy at their workplace. These simple tips will help you make a difference.

  1. Don’t Lose Any Chance to Recognize Their Merits

Recognition is the direct road to productivity in the workplace. When their merits and hard work are recognized, your employees will experience an emotional response to their job and your company. They will get more committed and make increased efforts to perform better and deliver results. The SHRM/Globoforce 2015 Report shows that companies that practiced a form of value based recognition experienced over 30% increase in employee productivity.


  1. Give People Concrete Targets/Purpose

Share your business’ vision, plans. Encourage each of your employees to help your company towards achieving those goals. Don’t keep them in the dark, by believing that only you and top management should have access to this information. By letting your employees in to your long-term goals, they will get a sense of the importance their everyday work has and will try to find individual ways to be more productive and improve their work. Have regular meetings with check-ins about your goals and progress, this will keep people motivated longer.

  1. Lead by Example

Follow your own instructions and show your employees that you are accountable and present. This will increase their trust in you and will boost overall productivity. If you want to promote good working habits in your workforce, show commitment and embrace the habits you preach. Work side by side with them towards achieving the goals of your company.

  1. Meet Your Employees’ Personal Needs

Embrace your business workplace as a space where humans’ needs are met. Make sure your employees are happy, foster relationships and provide them with opportunities to connect with others. Always have an ear ready for your employees’ problems and make sure you help them with whatever you can. Nothing earns a person’s trust and loyalty better. Ten minutes of your time where you listened to an employee’s problems and helped them solve these issues will earn you a loyal worker for life.

  1. Provide Health- Conscious Equipment

Every business owner wants to have happy and healthy people working for them. You don’t have to break the bank to improve your working environment, but a few changes that will show your employees that you care for their well-being will go a long way.

Your equipment should be in working order and everything in the offices should be ergonomically arranged, with concern for the employees’ health.

One of the most cost- effective and successful ways of keeping your workers healthy and less tired during office hours is using standing desks.

According to a recent study quoted by CNN, a call center’s employees used standing desks and desktop converters for a month. At the end of that period, the company had sold 23% more products and the productivity increased exponentially. In five months’ time, overall employee productivity increased by 50%.

There are multiple perks to using standing desks or adding desktop converters in your office. The multiple health benefits include lowering blood sugar levels and automatically decreasing the risk of your workers getting blood sugar related diseases, such as diabetes. Heart disease risks are also diminished. Your employees will have higher energy levels and their tiredness and lower back pain issues will disappear.

Looking for the best solutions to boost your employee productivity at your business? Consider purchasing standing desks or standing desk converters from a reputable provider: you will be saving a lot of money and manage to improve your workers’ efficiency in the process.

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