Standing Desk and Weight Loss

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Standing Desk

Fact #1: Although the standing desk is a relatively new idea, it has been around for centuries. During the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were popularly used by the people of the first class.

Fact #2: Several popular figures have been known to using the standing desk, such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Winston Churchill, Donald Rumsfeld.

Fact #3: The standing desk converter is adjustable, which means that it can be converted to either standing or sitting. You aren’t limited to just one position.

Fact #4: The standing desk has many health benefits. The first being avoiding all the health risks associated with sitting all day. It can also help improve your blood circulation, regulate your blood sugar, keep your blood pressure from spiking, weight loss as well as reduce the back and joint pain associated with sitting.

Fact #5: Using the standing desk can help you burn more calories. Individuals using the standing desk burned an extra 20.4 calories an hour, which averaged to a whopping 500 calories per week!

Fact #6: There is a standing desk converter for laptops. This type of standing desk is convenient for those wishing to make the switch without changing their computer.

Fact #7: Standing desks increase productivity. It has been proven that being active helps keep the brain alert and improves focus and concentration. Of course, this improves the quality of work and renders employees and the whole business in general much more productive.

Fact #8: It will save you money. It may sound outrageous now, but think of how much money you will save on doctor’s visit in the long run just by using the standing desk converter with all of its health benefits. It will also save you money on pain killers and other related medicines.

Fact #9: You will have more energy throughout the day. Not only will the standing desk converter provide benefits at work, you will take that energy along with you home!

Fact #10: Last but definitely not least, many individuals reported having a better mood and just feeling good in general using a standing desk instead of a sitting desk. Of course, there is no need to explain how important having a good mood is!

Switching to a standing desk is a big commitment, one you will be glad you made, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. You are given the option of switching to sitting whenever you feel overwhelmed by standing.  For any questions or concerns regarding your office needs contact us at (323) 886-3375.

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